Winnow Chocolates has been creating beautiful chocolates since 2013. Originally based in Sydney, we are now located in the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia.


We use only the world’s finest ingredients with organic, fair-trade couverture chocolate providing the perfect base for locally-sourced fruits, nuts and spices. The traditional French technique of hand-tempering on marble is celebrated at Winnow and ensures that each chocolate is hand made with love and waste is kept to a minimum. 


Most of our chocolates are gluten-free, organic and without artificial additives and preservatives. All Winnow dark chocolate is dairy-free and vegan, unless otherwise noted.  


We offer custom made chocolate for weddings, events, corporate gifting and more. Bespoke flavour combinations, chocolate designs and packaging are available for that extra special occasion. 

Our chocolates are available to purchase directly on our website and from our stockists throughout Australia.


Our name, Winnow, is derived from an essential part of the chocolate making process during which a winnowing machine is used to remove the outer husk from the cocoa beans. The winnowing machine cracks the roasted cocoa beans into pieces of cocoa meat and husk, blowing and discarding the outer husk, and leaving what are known as cocoa nibs. The nibs are then ready to continue on their journey to couverture chocolate.

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